no rest for the wicked

[mod] Punishments!

*Accusing Stare*

Fuji Yuuta
Looks like your mum wasn't too happy with your marks this term. Say hello to summer cram school! Apparently just cram school wasn't good enough. Say hello to being banned from tennis until further notice! This is your warning.

Niou Masaharu
I guess that argument you had with your brother the other day didn't end where you thought it did. Waking up the next morning landed you in a hair-related pickle. Lots and lots of gum was involved, and the old peanut butter trick didn't seem to work at all. But hey, look on the bright side! At least you'll have a nice, cool summer haircut.

Yukimura Seiichi
Your mother warned you about climbing that tree in your yard, didn't she? She already told you you were too heavy for it now, and it looks like she was right - climbing tree + snapping branch = say hello to a sprained ankle! It would be best if you stayed off of it for a few weeks.

Fuji Syusuke
Seeing as your parents didn't think it was fair to allow you to keep playing tennis right in front of your baby brother, you as well are banned from so much as touching a tennis racquet until further notice.

Ryuuzaki Sakuno
Health is very important! And your mother agrees with this, and in ensuring that her only child will grow up to be a healthy young woman, she's made you an appointment with the gynecologist. Say hello to your first pap smear, sweetie ♥

Oishi Syuichirou
--Are you hiatusing? If not, punishment forthcoming.
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RP Log - Yuuta, Akaya

When: Today
Where: Their sleeping area.
What: Videogames. And blowjobs. And Sanada cursing the day Kirihara was ever born. (The boys have since been severely punished. :D) And Kiri even gives his first-ever blowjob (sort-of.). Daww.
Rating: B is for Boys and Blowjobs.

Rizumu ni Noruze (20:50:48): *hops to post :3
MosaicWolf (20:58:33): You know I totally set out to write a non-smut RP?
MosaicWolf (20:58:41): And Yuuta was like 'screw that, bitch' XD
Rizumu ni Noruze (20:58:53): *cracks up*
Rizumu ni Noruze (20:59:01): ...*adds that to the post XD*

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I've got big balls

RP Log - Atobe, Kamio

When: ...March 16th-ish? Somewhere around then >> (yay for slow?)
Where: Hyoutei
What: Kamio visits Atobe after practice. He also thinks Atobe is a gigantic bastard. Atobe sees nothing wrong.
Rating: ...what exactly does one rate a handjob?

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